We Are Engaged! Now Let’s Start Planning

They popped the question and you shared the fantastic news with your parents, family, friends and coworkers. You have already posted photos on Facebook and Instagram showing off your new ring!

Now, the nervous and excited feelings set in as you start thinking of planning your wedding day. It can get a bit overwhelming.

Take a Breath.

There are countless resources available and plenty of people are more than happy to help ease your planning. Do some research before you begin.

Planning your wedding and enjoying your period of engagement potentially sets the tone and cadence for your life in a marriage together. If you can successfully plan your wedding and have fun while doing it, then taking on this huge task will not seem too bad when you are doing it together.

Communicating honestly, setting a budget, compromising on certain decisions and sticking together will allow you two to conquer this task and make you feel confident that you have chosen the right person to marry.

Now Lets Get Started!

Money + Strategy = Success

Setting a budget is the most important aspect to a wedding.

Financial talks and decisions can be daunting; however, wedding planning needs to be discussed at the preliminary stage before other decisions are made.

Where do I begin?

      •   List Wedding Day Desires and Ideas
      •   Create a Vendor Checklist
      •   Who Will Assist Financially?
      •   Allocate Budget to Top Priority Vendors

Keep in mind what your total budget is. Who will be contributing to the payment, and how much will they contribute. Create a spreadsheet to keep track.

Who will assist financially? To facilitate this discussion, keep communication open and in a private setting to allow for a comfortable and open conversation.

Start Your Guest List

Begin creating your list.

This process can be complicated, but don’t worry, it is a work in progress and you will have the opportunity to finalize it.

Tips to Consider:

      •   Who Will You Be Excited to See on Your Wedding Day?
      •   Who Do You Have a Special Relationship With?
      •   Keep Editing
      •   Work Together
      •   Finalize

Keep your budget in mind! Each person you invite will drive the cost of the wedding up.

Style, Decorations, Colors

This is the fun part.

There are thousands of choices to choose from. If you are conflicted, grab a glass of wine, go on Pinterest and see what peaks your interest!

Decision Making

      •   Start Exploring
      •   Process of Elimination
      •   Compromise
      •   Decide Together
      •   Finalize thoughts and Ideas

Choosing A Date

This process can rely on a few different decisions.

When considering your wedding date, off season and mid week can be cost effective for your budget.

Things to consider:

      •   Have More Than One Option
      •   Book One Year in Advance
      •   Season and Potential Weather
      •   Personal Schedules

Availability. Venues usually book about a year to a year and a half in advance. Choose your ideal day and second choice, then consider venues that are available for that time and within your budget!

Deciding Your Venue

This collaborates with choosing a date.

Lay out the foundation of your wedding. When you have found a venue that fits your budget, style and estimated guest count, call and ask for availability.

If the venue is available, do not delay booking. Others will book if you do not.

Help with the Decision:

      •   Take Some Tours
      •   Can You Imagine Getting Married There?
      •   Decide Together
      •   Secure the Date
      •   Celebrate!

Now what?

After securing your venue, begin researching the next important vendors such as catering companies; as well as other vendors that will take up a percentage of your budget.