Article in MENUS Magazine – Fall/Winter 2012-2013 – New Times Media Group

Article in MENUS magazine – Fall/Winter 2012-2013 – New Times Media Group 

THE NEW POPOLO CATERING by Kathy Marcks Hardesty

“We’re still here and still available”, said the warmhearted chef and owner of Popolo Catering, Leon Castillo, who’s famous for his delicious rotisserie chicken, Santa Maria style tri-tip, potatoes au gratin, and unique fusion cuisine.  “This is the reinvention of Popolo Rotisserie Cafe.  People will never forget that name and now we’re living the life and dream of Popolo Catering.  This family owned business that’s managed by Leon is supported by his wife Kathleen and son Kenny.  It’s busier than ever since he focused the business on full service catering.  Leon proudly says that Popolo Catering can create the event of your dreams, whether it’s a small private gathering, an extravagant celebration, or a dreamy wedding.  These professionals will happily take care of every detail for you.  

It’s not just Leon’s expertise that keeps his satisfied clientele coming back again and again.  He’s become one of the most popular caterers in San Luis Obispo because he cares about people.  Weddings have personal meaning to Leon, who personally serves the  bride and groom their dinner and tells them, “we’re proud to serve you your first meal as husband and wife.”  Seeing their beaming faces and hearing the thanks he gets for making their wedding day unforgettable makes him very happy.  

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