March Corporate Catering Promotion

A Versatile and Delicious Catering Menu for Any San Luis Obispo Event

All of our menu items are made from scratch, including:

Chicken, meats & fish barbequed or roasted over seasoned red oak wood
A variety of salads accompanied by homemade dressings
Freshly-baked bread and many other wonderful side dishes

you are looking for an events caterer for employee appreciation lunches,
cocktail parties, business or board meeting, and end of the year
holiday parties., Popolo
would be honored to serve a customized menu to you and your guests. If
you are seeking a skilled Italian caterer, Mexican caterer, winery
events caterer or many other types of catering in San Luis Obispo, your
expectations will be met and exceeded by your Popolo events caterer.

would be honored to provide top quality catering services at your next
San Luis Obispo event. Contact us today to learn how to get started.

Book your next company event before March 31 and receive *complimentary delivery. 

* Delivery within SLO is a $25 fee, outside of SLO it’s $40- $50.

Popolo Catering

1255 Monterey St., Suite B San Luis Obispo, CA. 93401