Hold a Catered Event in Your Backyard for a Personal Touch

When most people think of putting on a catered event, renting out a space is part of that planning process. A hall, park, church, or some other setting is usually considered to gather everyone together for the special occasion.
There is nothing wrong with that kind of event, but there is another option – having the party right in your own backyard. Popolo Catering can still bring the same high-quality food that we would serve anywhere else, but you get the pleasure of entertaining right at home.
Some of the benefits of this option include –
•    Saving money. Not having to rent out a space for your event can mean significant savings in the end.
•    Personal touch. Inviting friends and family over to your home adds a personal element that can be lost in a rented space.
•    The California sunshine. Rather than gathering everyone inside on a beautiful sunny day, utilize your backyard and soak up the warm sun while celebrating.
Obviously, you need to make sure your yard is large enough to hold your event, and you may need to rent some chairs and tables to give everyone a place to sit. With just those couple of details ironed out, you can plan the menu with Popolo Catering and look forward to a great event! Contact us to discuss your upcoming event.