Fun Wedding Fact Friday

Hello all!

The New York Bridal Fashion Week just wrapped up earlier this month. Designers have revealed their Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 lines and the dresses are gorgeous.

Before we tell you the new Bridal trends we wanted to share with you a few facts about Wedding Dresses.

Wearing white wedding dresses wasn’t initially about purity or symbolizing virginity, but about symbolizing wealth, because a white dress was so hard to clean, the insinuation that you’d only be wearing it once was a sign of luxury. Wearing white wedding dresses only became popular after Queen Victoria wore one.

The new trends are lace embroidery, trains and streamers, puff and removable sleeves, feathers and fringe, and bridal pantsuits.

Below are a few examples of what we are expected to see of our 2022/2023 brides!