Popolo Catering’s, “Free Quote Estimate” is awesome!

Providing delicious food on the Central Coast of California is the purpose of our business and boy do we love it!

We take great care & pride from our business office stand-point where the relationship can begin; between our clients and our sales and event coordinators’!  The Popolo Catering goal is to create an effortless and cost-effective event.

One invaluable tool that owner, Leon Castillo created to allow clients the opportunity to explore and create their own event estimate, is a feature added to our website called the Free Quote Estimate. This feature is available on our website at Giving you the opportunity to pick and choose from the menu items, rentals, and services that you may enlist. All while at home, relaxing on your couch!

We find that this tool allows our clients to get a better picture of what they need or may suggest what you had no idea you would need; with a transparent view of the bottom-line. The Free Quote Estimate provides a small financial breakdown to give you the opportunity to stay within your budget! You can build quotes from Buffet to Plated Style services and find what best fits your event needs.

We receive feedback regularly from our clients; regarding how much they enjoyed this cool feature on our website and how they have never seen this type of feature anywhere else.

Claire is a past bride that used the Free Quote Estimate feature to begin her big day planning! See her review shared on social media regarding Popolo Catering, below.

“**Claire , married on 07/28/2018


Amazing Food and Service!

Kat and Leon from Popolo Catering were such great vendors to work with. Their company catered both our rehearsal dinner and our wedding night. Everything that we ate was cooked to perfection, and our guests kept commenting about how flavorful their tri-tip and chicken was. I loved using the ” free quote estimate” on their website to get an idea of my ideal menu, and the fact that they had a huge menu to choose from! They are affordable, friendly, and serve delicious food! Thank you, Kat and Leon for a wonderful wedding weekend**”

It truly is our client’s feedback that gives Popolo Catering the ability to move in the right direction! Whether you’re searching for caterers on the Central Coast, which includes cities that we frequent, such as San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Paso Robles; for your next business retreat dinner, a family reunion or for your big wedding day, we are here to help you create a wonderful experience for you and your guests. Please give our business office a call at 805-543-9543, Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. We’d love to chat with you!