Stress-Free Thanksgiving Meal from Popolo Catering!

Stress-Free Thanksgiving Meal from Popolo Catering!


Hello, wonderful friends of Popolo Catering!  This Thanksgiving, give yourself the ultimate gift: time, relaxation, and a scrumptious holiday meal without the stress of cooking. Our Preorder Thanksgiving Meals are here to make your celebrations memorable. So get ready for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving Meal from Popolo Catering!

Imagine savoring perfectly roasted turkey, mouthwatering sides, and delectable treats, all expertly prepared by our culinary team. With our preorder option, you’ll skip the cooking and embrace the joy of sharing moments with loved ones. 

Stress Free Thanksgiving meals with popolo Catering
Beautifully cooked turkeys’ out of the oven and ready for you to pick up!

 Thanksgiving of Years Gone by….

For years our family spent our Thanksgiving mornings cooking Thanksgivings for all our wonderful customers. We are quite practiced at it. Please take a look at these pictures from Thanksgivings of years gone by.

Family all spending time together on thanksgiving, just not in the typical way!
Dannete has the ca all loaded up with thanksgiving meals to deliver
Hard at work in the kitchen on thanksgiving day
Stress free thanksgiving with Popolo Catering
Chef Leon helping to load the meal into the car of a client on thanksgiving day!

Order your Meal now!!!

Limited slots are available, so secure your order soon for a Thanksgiving that’s all about great food and precious moments. Contact us on our website HERE. Or call us at 805-543-9543 for your Stress-Free Thanksgiving Meal from Popolo Catering!

Wishing you a joyful and delicious holiday season! 

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We Love your feed back so please feel free to leave us a comment on it this blog post. Tell us what your favorite Thanksgiving food is!


Written By:

Marissa Dominguez

Popolo Blogs and Social Media Coordinator


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  • By Marissa Dominguez - Reply

    My favorite thanksgiving dish is stuffing!

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