Trend Setting Thursday-Please Leave a Message

Why leave a voicemail when you can send a text? In this day and age calling someone has become almost obsolete.

However, a new wedding trend that is coming in hot for 2022/2023 weddings are Audio Guest Books. Instead of having your guest sign an outdated guest book they can record an audio message for you to download and keep forever.

We first saw this at Liz and Jen’s wedding at The Penny SLO in San Luis Obispo, Ca where we catered for them on 12.31.21. It was such a great touch to their day and the guests had a blast! We have now seen audio guest books pop up all over social media.

When planning your wedding consider those unique touches that your guests may have never seen before. And if you are in need of a caterer please reach out to us at Popolo Catering.

Can you spot the audio guest book in the photo below?


























Photo by Maya Papaya @