How Popolo Catering Can Help with Your Next Party

How How Popolo Catering Can Help with Your Next Party. Caterin can help with your next party.

    I absolutely love being a host and welcoming guests into my home. There’s something so satisfying about planning the perfect menu, shopping for ingredients, cooking up a storm, and arranging the food beautifully. But let’s be real, this whole process takes a lot of time. Maybe you’re not lucky enough to have hours…

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Sharing Popolo Recipes: Pasta Formaggio

Pasta Formaggio

  As I sit here brainstorming Popolo recipes I want to share, I thought of reaching out to Papa Popolo himself to uncover his favorite Popolo side dish. I asked my dad, Leon, about his preferred Popolo side, and without hesitation, he mentioned our Pasta Formaggio. So, what exactly is Pasta Formaggio? The Italian word…

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5 Key Questions to Ask Your Caterer  

5 questions to ask your Caterer

When it comes to selecting the perfect vendor for your wedding, hiring a caterer might be a one-time experience. If you’re feeling a bit unsure due to the lack of knowledge in this area, fear not! Let Popolo Catering, nestled on the scenic central coast of California, be your guide in locating the right caterer…

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My First Job with Popolo Catering

My First Job With Popolo Catering

  Hey there! I’m excited to share the incredible journey of Popolo Catering from my perspective, as someone who was there right from the start. Many of you along the Central Coast of California already know and love Popolo Catering. From helping brides and grooms throughout San Luis Obispo County and Santa Barbara County create…

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Sharing Popolo Recipes: Rosemary Balsamic Vinaigrette 

As I consider recipes to share in this blog series, my personal go-to Popolo recipes come to mind first. I spent quite a few years working in the Popolo kitchen when our family bought Popolo’s in 2006. As a wife and mother, entertaining friends or attending a potluck with neighbors, I often find myself drawing…

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Special Requests with Popolo Catering 

Special Requests with Popolo Catering

At Popolo Catering, our website,, boasts a massive menu with an array of amazing choices that will surely make your taste buds happy! However, we understand that sometimes, you may find yourself yearning for something specific, special requests, and you might wonder, “Oh no! It’s not on the list, what am I going to…

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Family Owned and Operated: Popolo Catering

Popolo Family

  Being able to be creative and write these Popolo blogs has been an amazing opportunity for me. When my dad, Leon asked me if I could help with it, I knew it was something I could not say no to. Got me thinking of how many other people my dad has given opportunities to….

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Sharing Popolo Recipes: Seven Layer Bars 

Seven Layer Bars all finished baking and plated up

  Welcome to another installment of our blog series featuring mouthwatering recipes from Popolo Catering! This blog series offers me a delightful fringe benefit I didn’t anticipate. The opportunity to create and enjoy all the delicious Popolo food that I haven’t had in a while due to living far away. Today, I’m thrilled to share…

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Catering Services for the Whole Central Coast

Catering Services for the whole central coast.

  Popolo Catering takes immense pride in its’ years of providing CATERING SERVICES to numerous clients along the Central Coast. Our headquarters are in San Luis Obispo, California, with a second location in Santa Maria, California, but our beautiful mobile kitchens allow us to cater events throughout the region. From San Luis Obispo to Santa…

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Doing it Differently: Planning a Unique Wedding with Popolo Catering

Planning a Unique wedding

  Weddings, that’s what my family’s business is all about. At Popolo Catering, we take pride in being one of the #1 catering companies in San Luis Obispo County and Santa Barbara County, witnessing countless visions of couples’ perfect days come to life. Each wedding is unique because every couple brings their own distinct style…

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